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Sprinkler System Repair

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Sprinkler systems will always need a repair or maintenance on them at some point when you have one. It’s necessary to keep your sprinkler system working optimally. A brand new sprinkler system will have very minimal maintenance issues up front and as time goes on you may need more. Typical sprinkler repairs can be anything from a burst pipe, leaking pipe, uneven spray from a sprinkler head, broken sprinkler head, and overall assessment of your sprinkler system. A sprinkler system repair is necessary when your sprinklers are not working optimally obviously. If you notice your grass has had no problem previous summers and now all of a sudden you have some areas in your lawn that are no longer living perhaps it’s time to get a sprinkler technician to take a look at it.

When To Call a Sprinkler Technician
If you notice your sprinkler system isn’t coming on at all or at scheduled times you set, there may be something wrong with the controller. If there is a puddle or lake in your back yard, perhaps one of the pipes running water to a zone is broken or leaking. In addition, you can have a broken sprinkler head that can cause that same problem. If you discover an uneven spray, perhaps you have a clogged sprinkler head.

It’s a great idea to have a sprinkler specialist visit your home just after the winter season is over and entering spring. This is the time when you plan to use your system. It’s a great idea to be sure all parts are functioning correctly and optimally before you begin using it again. Especially with the harsh winter months, we can experience with below freezing and hard freezes, we can experience burst pipes. The problem with those until the ice melts or until we use our system again is usually the time we discover the disaster that awaits.

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler System Repair
Sprinkler System Repair

A clogged sprinkler head is definitely something we can avoid throughout the year. A sprinkler head clog can prevent your landscape from receiving the appropriate amount of water it requires every day especially if it is a severe clog. I definitely suggest every homeowner with a sprinkler system should take one day out each year to clean each head. You should check for any clogs regularly, especially since dirt is near those sprinkler heads. It’s pretty easy to get a sprinkler head to clog. This is definitely an avoidable problem to prevent a sprinkler system repair and costs associated with the repair.

How to Clean the Sprinkler Head Yourself
Cleaning a sprinkler head is easy to do and all you need is a screwdriver to do the task. To start, pull the sprinkler head that’s inside the sleeve. You can lift the sprinkler head out for cleaning by just lifting the nozzle up into the position it would be in if your system is running. Next, unscrew the sprinkler head and remove it from the sleeve entirely. You will then need to soak the sprinkler head in hot water for five to ten minutes. This loosens debris allowing for easy removal. After ten minutes, clean any debris from the sprinkler head and also within the sleeve the sprinkler head was sitting in to prevent reoccurring clogs. Use a stiff wire brush to remove debris and dirt from the nozzle holes. The soaking is the key to making this job easy for you. Finally, replace everything to its original position and test the system to ensure your sprinkler nozzle works perfectly. This is one way you will prevent a sprinkler system repair!

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